Termination of the loan agreement, I must pay $10,000

Termination of the loan agreement, I must pay $10,000

Hello, I was terminated with a loan agreement at the RAPLO loan company and I have to pay them $ 10,000, can I get along with them? That they would pay me the debt in installments?

Is the RAPLO debt collection waiting for me now and the case in court if I do not pay the loan back? what to do? how to talk to them


RAPLO – termination of the contract

loan agreement

The RAPLO loan company regulations clearly specify when the loan agreement with the borrower may be terminated:

The Lender may terminate the Agreement with immediate effect in writing or by sending an e-mail to the Borrower’s e-mail address in the event of:

  • the Borrower’s failure to meet its obligations regarding the repayment terms of the Loan as set out in the Agreement,
  • the Borrower’s loss of creditworthiness or a negative assessment of the Borrower’s creditworthiness.

Termination of the Agreement by the Lender for the reasons specified above does not affect the Borrower’s obligation to perform the obligations regarding the repayment of the Loan specified in the Agreement.

Certainly RAPLO loan company will claim the whole amount you owe and at this stage there is probably nothing that can be done. I think you have the only chance of negotiation in court.

First, apply for an exemption from court fees and apply from the machine to pay the debt in RAPLO in installments. Try to demonstrate a difficult financial situation (then you must also fill out a statement on income and expenses), illness, disability or care for someone who is sick from your family.

With only a poor financial situation, the court is unlikely to accede to your request and you will have to pay legal costs. At this stage, you must try to “look” as bad as possible in the eyes of the court.


Negotiations with RAPLO in court?

credit negotiation

You can also try to negotiate a settlement with a loan company before the court. The court very often pushes this and inclines the plaintiff, in this case the company RAPLO.

What else can you do?

You can still win the dismissal of the action in terms of additional costs, such as high costs of reminders or “debt collection” at the pre-trial stage.


How to pay back $ 10,000?

money loan

Apart from legal scuffles, you can still choose one more way to get out of debt . You can go to work or find an extra job if you are already working.

You can start saving, you can ask someone from your family for help, you can sell things that you do not need to live and have some monetary value.

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